Questions & Answers

What happens if a player sends less ETH than a ticket price?

Lottery’s contract will return the payment minus transaction cost (gas) back to player’s wallet 

What happens if I send more ETH than ticket's price?

Contract will check how many tickets you can get, and send change to you.
For example, 1 ticket is 0.01ETH and you send 0.034ETH.
You get 3 tickets (0.034/0.01 is rounded down 3) and change 0.004ETH minus gas cost.

What happens if I purchase more tickets than remaining in current round?

Contract will send change minus gas cost back to you.

Which wallets can I use to play?

You can use any ETH wallets. Any.

How can I play?

Just send amount in ETH from any wallet to contract's address.

How do I get a payout?

If you win, your payout is sent automatically back to your wallet.

Can the lottery rules or script be amended?

No. It is impossible.
You can audit our contract code and make sure there is no such ability there.
Once contract is deployed it is unchangeable.

Do I need to sign up or register to play your lotteries?

All you need to start playing is any ETH wallet and some ETH on it.

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