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Ticket price: 0.01 ETH
Participants: from 100 to unlimited
Payouts rate: 95%
Winning tickets: 50% + 1
Draw: every Sunday @ 00:00 UTC
Chances: 0.01ETH (1x) – 1/2, 0.02ETH (2x) – 1/6.5, 0.04ETH (4x) – 1/20, 0.1ETH (10x) – 1/100
Jackpot – unlimited, ~20% of the prize pool

To play, send ETH to 0xF7bc2F1E9c4c5a59d1CCfa52D54A1B7fF1e75c50
or use QR code

If you win, you will get your prize in ETH back to your wallet.

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From 0.01 to unlimited


50%+1 winning tickets


Draw every Sunday

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