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Why our lotteries are the best

  1. Great choice of games for any terms and budgets
  2. Completely autonomous script: fully independent and automatic
  3. Truly random winners choice using unpredictable dynamic parameters
  4. No operator, no admin = no manipulations
  5. Unchangeable, infinite contract
  6. Highest pay-out rates
  7. High odds: higher winning chances
  8. Easy to play: use any ETH wallet to send ETH to lottery contract, or play via our website
  9. Automatic instant payouts back to your ETH wallet
  10. You can use any ETH wallet
  11. You don't need to buy tokens - you play with ETH and get prize in ETH
  12. We are regularly adding new lotteries
  13. Many more reasons - just try to play
Our goal is to bring truly fair and autonomous blockchain lotteries to the world

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